Exploring Panama’s Camino Real

Siguiendo los pasos de los conquistadores.

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Exploring Panama’s Camino Real. Next Saturday, August 20 a three-day expedition to explore the “Camino Real” will take place. The route of the tour will cross the Isthmus of Panama by the original path used by the Spanish ‘conquistadores’ and pirates attracted by the gold and silver of the Incas from Peru which crossed this path from Pacific to Atlantic during the colonial age.

This trek begins in the Chagres National Park and transits through the dense jungles of “Alto Chagres” to reach Portobelo in the Caribbean. During the first day of travel, the tour will take participants on a segment of the “Camino Real” which is under the care of the national park, so it is in very good condition and visitors can appreciate directly the construction methods that were used in the past.

Exploring Panama's Camino Real

Exploring Panama’s Camino Real: Following the steps of the conquistadors.

On the second day of the expedition, they will go through primary forests, which have huge trees and unexploited natural areas with several waterfalls and creeks that are part of the headwaters of the Boqueron River.

The third and final day of the expedition, trekkers will reach Portobelo on the Caribbean Sea, where can be seen the walls of the Spanish fortifications that were built to defend the coast from pirate attacks and that today are part of the heritage of African-Caribbean populations.

The Camino Real was built in the sixteenth century by Spaniards to link the Pacific coast with the Atlantic coast. Nowadays it is a route used for the conservation of tropical forests and jaguars; sustainable development of local communities and recovering a potential site of World Heritage.

This tour is organized by “CulTour” a company of cultural and sustainable tourism that organizes trips for the improvement and care of cultural and natural heritage and to benefit of the development of local communities. The cost of the expedition is $420 per person for groups of four and $325 per person for groups of 6. It includes transportation and food. This is a highly difficulty tour and is recommended for experienced trekkers.

To register and make reservations call 6539-2064 or contact christian@cultour.info. For more information on this and other cultural tours visit www.CulTour.Info


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