Hands of Stone Local Premiere

Escena de "Hands of Stone"

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Hands of Stone local premiere. Friday, August 26, will see the Panama premiere of the movie about the life of boxer Roberto Duran, entitled “Hands of Stone”, in more than 40 Panamanian movie theaters and about 2 thousand cinemas in the United States.

The premiere of the movie in U.S. theaters will take place on Monday, August 22, with a red carpet in New York City. This is the biggest premiere ever made by a Latin American film in the United States. The Ministry of Trade and Industry, contributed with three million dollars to the making of this movie which benefited the project by attracting more partners and at the same time helped position Panama as an ideal destination for the development of the film industry.

Hands of Stone local premiere

Hands of Stone local premiere: the whole country is awaiting this event!

From left to right: Edgar Ramírez, Robert de Niro and Roberto Durán

From left to right: Edgar Ramírez, Robert de Niro and Roberto Durán

The premiere in Panama, will feature Duran along with other special guests such as Nestor Gonzalez, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, and Stephan Proaño, from the General Directorate of the Film and Audiovisual Industry of Panama.

Although the film mostly revolves around the history and achievements of “Hands of Stone” Duran, it has received very good reviews regarding its historic content and how well it represents the reality that the Panamanian people lived during the era of American control of the Canal Zone, between the years 1964 to 1983, a time full of resentment between the Panamanian people and U.S. citizens living in the zone.

The life of Roberto Duran was full of difficulties and setbacks before he achieved the glory for which he is known today. These difficulties have been reflected in the film, portraying the typical day-to-day life of a Panamanian at that time, especially those with low income living in the “El Chorrillo” neighborhood in which Duran grew up.

Robert de Niro and Edgar Ramirez in one of the scene of “Hands of Stone”.

Robert de Niro and Edgar Ramirez in one of the scene of “Hands of Stone”.

Scene of "Hands of Stone"Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran himself will be present at both premieres, in the United States and Panama. It is expected that other major international figures related to the movie will be also present, such as Usher, the famous singer and actor, Robert de Niro and the Panamanian singer and composer Ruben Blades

A second movie is being planned as producers believe that there is a big part of the story still waiting to be told.

The film will be shown from Saturday, August 27 in all cinemas nationwide and tickets can be purchased through the PanaTickets.com platform or at your favorite movie theater.


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