Jazz for all ages at the RIU

La banda de jazz “Maxima Experiencia”

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“Maxima Experiencia” jazz band

“Maxima Experiencia” jazz band.

The musical project organized by the music teacher Fernando Alvarado, entitled “Maxima Experiencia” ( also the name of its band) will perform every Sunday at 3 p.m. from August 28 at Studio 50 in the Hotel Riu Plaza on Calle 50.

The band which is formed by his music students perform different genres, the most prominent being Jazz.

The band is composed of Harold Williams on drums, Lucas Mylin on congas, José Andrés de Gracia on guitar, Armando O’Neil on bass and Luis Carlos González on piano and vocals.

Presentations at Studio 50, will be held under the name “Kids Jazzy Sunday” and are aimed mainly at a young audience but also to entertain adults. The cost of admission is $5 for children under ten years and $10 for general public.

For more information visit Facebook.com/MaximunExperience507


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