Panama AirSoft Olympics

Un combate simulado.

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Panama AirSoft Olympics

Panama AirSoft Olympics: A simulated combat.

A military simulation event entitled the ‘AirSoft Olympics’, will be held for the first time in Panama on Sunday, August 7, at the Tanara sawmill in Chepo, Panama East, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The AirSoft, is an increasingly popular sport of strategy. Firearm replicas are used to practice this sport, which are also known as RSW (recreational and sports weapons), which fire small balls of PLGA (polymer bullets) or biodegradable bullets of 6 or 8 mm diameter. The bullets are almost harmless, but it is mandatory for all participants and spectators to use goggles to prevent injury although accident risks are minimal.

The event will include various tests of ability and endurance, in which competitors will go through a series of obstacles and targets in addition to testing their tactics and shooting skills. The competitions are designed to test the skills of players with both their primary and secondary weapons.

One of the most anticipated competitions is the category of “Duel” in which two players compete simultaneously under the same conditions. Both begin with their handguns on a table. They must then load the magazine into the gun and shoot down all targets before their opponent, thus playing single-elimination format to advance to the next rounds.

Constestants loading their guns.

Constestants loading their guns.

Another of the competitions will be the “Via Cruxis” consisting of a trigger circuit with obstacles that players have to overcome between each target. This competition aims to measure the speed of the players and their skill on the battlefield.

In addition, other military simulation skills such as wall climbing, shooting range, obstacles track and shooting targets from a zip line will take place. Not part of the competition but also available is a simultaneous death match team for those who want to enjoy some war fun.

This event is organized by the Second Strategic Command of Reaction (CER2, for its acronym in Spanish), a civilian group of players who practice AirSoft in Panama. For more information contact, call 6781-0777 or visitégicoDeReaccción2

The term AirSoft refers to the high speed but low power with which ammunition is fired.


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