Panama Kosher Restaurants

Darna’s Bread Co.

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Panama Kosher Restaurants. Panama City’s Jewish history stretches back centuries to when Jews settled here following the Spanish Inquisition and since then, that community has grown.

The first kosher restaurants in Panama City were opened in the early 1980s by Israeli immigrants, but they closed shortly thereafter. In 1986, a kosher butcher shop called Shalom Kosher opened, along with the dairy restaurant Pita Pan. Both continue to operate today.

Panama Kosher Restaurants

Darna’s Bread Co. is a Panama Kosher Restaurants.

Darna’s Bread Co. was founded by chef Ayelet Vahnish Gal and her sister and business partner, Esther Dahan, in 2003, when Panama City’s kosher restaurant scene was still fairly limited. The restaurant specializes in Hebrew food with great sandwiches, salads, desserts and delicatessens.

On the other end of the spectrum is Solomon’s Deli. Founded in the late 2015 by Corey and Sara Solomon, a Toronto couple who relocated to Panama City eight years ago (“We came for the first time on vacation and fell in love with the country,” said Sara). The menu offers Montreal-style delicatessen classics like smoked meat sandwiches, and Quebecois staples like poutine—French fries smothered in beef gravy and dotted with fresh cheese curds.

DeliK Market Kosher Supermarket & Meat Restaurant, Pizzeria Italiana and Candies Bazaar are other establishments where you can find kosher food in Panama.


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