Panama Peru Tourist Route

Un crucero navega debajo del Puente de las Américas.

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Panama Peru Tourist Route. During a recent visit to Peru, Panama’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Augusto Arosemena, promoted a broad portfolio of projects of interest to Peru.

He made his presentation at the “Panama Invest 2016 Peru,” highlighting the potential and advantages of Panama’s economy, maritime logistics “hub” and tourism projects.

Panama Peru Tourist Route

Cruise ship would be an incentive for a Panama Peru Tourist Route.

Describing his encounter with Peru’s Minister of Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferryros; Minister Arosemena said: “It was a meeting in which we sought to establish a roadmap, to search several fronts that we can work together

“From the point of view of tourism, we are trying to create a possible route on the Pacific to make it attractive to the cruise sector. We are working to see how we promote it and we are reviewing how we can make greater use of the free trade agreement signed between Panama and Peru, which entered into force in 2011.”

“This was a conversation of many aspects of how to work on a common agenda,” he said.

Cruise lines have shown interest in establishing routes from Panama to the north and south of the continent, but the lack of suitable terminals on the Pacific is said to be the primary obstacle to these itineraries.

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has a plan to build a $30-million cruise ship terminal on Perico Island, on the Amador Causeway, that could be a starting point to opening the Pacific coast of Latin America to cruise ship tourism.


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