Panama San Bernardo Festivities

Corrida de toros durante las celebracions de San Bernardo en La Palma.

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Panama San Bernardo Festivities. La Palma is a small village in the district of Las Tablas, in Los Santos province, which, on August, 20th, celebrates festivities in honor of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, considered their patron saint.

Panama San Bernardo Festivities

Panama San Bernardo Festivities: Bullfight is part of the celebration.

The story goes back to 1930, when Mrs. Modesta Melendez brought the the image of San Bernardo to the town in gratitude for favors received for the health of her son, Antonio Teach Melendez. Thanks to his miracles, he soon became the town’s patron.

The festival of San Bernardo is celebrated with the traditional “novenas”, a procession through the town’s main streets and a serenade. In addition to religious celebrations, residents also organize a rodeo in the plaza, with bullfights and exhibitions, accompanied by the unique dances and folklore of the area.

The celebrations in the Santeño village begin on Saturday, August 20 and continue throughout the weekend. This is definitely a great opportunity to visit the Azuero Peninsula and enjoy all its attractions.


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