Panama’s first wine guide

Guia de Vinos Panama 2016 – 2017

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Panama’s first wine guide. The Sybarite School of Panama will present Panama’s first wine guide, entitled “Guia de Vinos Panama 2016 – 2017, on Thursday, August 4 during the “Wine & Beer Festival 2016” at the Megapolis Convention Center. The guide contains indispensable reference material revealing the benefits and features of more than 600 wine labels currently sold in Panama.

Panama's first wine guide

Panama’s first wine guide: a must for wine lovers.

The editors of the guide, sommeliers Maxiel Figueroa and Angel Duran, are also the directors of the Sybarite School of Panama, who have compiled their information in a practical and easy way especially for people interested in gastronomy and fine dining and for people who want to know about existing wines in the Panamanian market and how to choose them.

The Sybarite School of Panama, is a Panamanian company which provides training, guidance, advice and tastings for private and corporate events. It was created to capitalize on the gastronomic environment of the country and to bring changes through the fusion of ideas and customs of other cultures.

The prologue to the wine guide is written by two key figures in the Panamanian wine environment — the Ambassador of Chile in Panama, Francisco Cruz Fuenzalida and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, Alejandro Perez, who emphasize the presence of wines from both the new and the old world in Panama, while stressing market growth and the importance of the publication in promoting wine culture and increasing consumer interest in gastronomy and fine dining.

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