Sunday’s for pedestrians in Casco is suspended

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The Panama Municipality has decided to suspend indefinitely the measure that prohibited the entrance of cars to the Casco Antiguo of San Felipe on Sundays. According to Panama mayor, Jose Isabel Blandon, residents of the area were unhappy about the the pedestrianization, because it caused all kinds of problems.

After a meeting with residents, tradesmen and government officials from institutions located in the area, it became apparent that it was necessary to revise the pedestrianization plan and solve problems such as rubbish disposal, lack of public toilets and wáter, orientation points for tourists, street signs and the lack of cultural activities in the sector.

There are also plans to increase the tourist experience by improving the cultural packages with folkloric performances, exhibitions, artistic activities, public performances, street festivals, neighborhood fairs, celebrations inside the museums and other emblematic buildings in Casco Antiguo.


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