The mixologists battle

Friday’s World Bartender Championship

On Wednesday, August 17, five bartenders will battle it out for the title of best bartender of Friday’s restaurants nationwide in the “Friday’s World Bartender Championship” which will take place at TGI Friday’s restaurant located in the Multiplaza Pacific Mall.

Friday’s World Bartender ChampionshipThe competition kicks off on Monday, August 15, when managers of each branch conduct theory and practical tests on participants to assess their knowledge and assign a score. The flair round will take place on Wednesday, August 17, where three chosen jurors will assess the show as well as the preparation method of the assigned beverages.

This year’s participants are bartenders Raul Flores, from Amador branch; Jose Arauz, from the branch in Chiriqui; Jessica Tenorio from Friday’s El Dorado; Michelle Brockman from Los Pueblos branch and Norman Miranda, from the branch in Multiplaza. Panama’s winner will compete against the TGI Friday’s winners worldwide.

The audience will have the opportunity to participate in the auction of beverages made during the competition. The money raised during the event will go to the “Curame” Foundation, dedicated to supporting children in vulnerable situations, with special health conditions or lack of resources for their development.

Admission to the event is free. For more information visit


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