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Investigating the International Baccalaureate programme

About the Baccalaureate programme. In spite of its more than justified popularity and presence in many international and local schools around the globe, the International Baccalaureate Programme still puzzles many parents. They can of course, conduct their own research on the official IBO website, however, what does that look like “on the ground”?

Everything starts with the Primary Years Programme with children as young as 3 or 4, by exploring concepts of personal identity and belonging to a family and community, understanding that everybody has responsibilities and should act as part of a team for the greater good.

About the Baccalaureate programme

About the Baccalaureate programme: it is unique and with proven results.

Children are introduced to the Learner Profiles that will become an inseparable part of their academic and personal life, as they learn how to be caring towards themselves, their friends and their parents, Duties are important, but so is having fun.

Children learn the importance of being good communicators and to be open-minded, learning the importance of respecting different ideas and opinions, especially in an international environment. They also learn to be responsible risk-takers by trying new things, but also making sure they do not put themselves in harm’s way. Assuming responsibility for their studies is another very important aspect of the programme. They learn to face academic difficulties and, by reflecting and thinking, to find the best possible solution for themselves in cooperation with teachers.

The Middle Years Programme provides a bridge between the early developmental years and the college-preparatory Diploma Programme. Covering the grades 6-10, MYP takes students through eight subject groups: languages, sciences, art, etc., continuing to foster responsibility towards the local and global community via community service, which in the DP becomes CAS (Creativity, Action, Service).

The Diploma Programme represents the final culmination of the journey that starts with the PYP. Students get the feeling of what it is like to study at the university level, this time choosing their subjects from six possible groups, their choice being guided by their prospective university studies.

A former MYP and DP student had this to say about her experience, “Academically, I think the IB prepared me for university. It gave me breadth of knowledge, but mostly I noticed a difference in the seemingly minor things: referencing became second nature to me while others spent hours trying to figure out how to reference their essays. I think that IB puts a lot of emphasis on expression – both writing and speaking. I found that developing these two skills at IB helped me both academically, and outside of academics, in everyday life.”

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