The ancient art of Ikebana

La maestra Rekha Reddy trabajando en un arreglo de flores.

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Ikebana is the name used to describe the Japanese art of flower arrangement, which in Japanese means “Living Flower”. This is an ancient art that emerges from a deep-rooted respect for nature in Japanese culture. It is based on the composition of decorative motifs with branches, flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds. In Panama, this art has become an attractive hobby for people seeking meditation and relaxation or just for lovers of art.

Master Rekha Reddy working on a flower arrangement.

Master Rekha Reddy working on a flower arrangement.

On Saturday, October 1, the Ikebana International Chapter of Panama, will hold a demonstration event for the making of flower arrangements guided by master Ohryu Rekha Reddy from the international Ohara-Ryu school in Hyderabad, India. This demonstration will take place in the Taboga hall at the Continental Hotel & Casino from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The event will not only feature the demonstration of ikebana, but also a fusion of Indian culture with Japanese ancestral art. They will have a tasting of traditional Indian food, tea, coffee and snacks for attendees. The event will include a raffle.

Admission is $50, and tickets are for sale at “Sol de la India” store, Almacén SOS Panamá, Daniel Espinosa Boutique, Unique Shades, Snob Shop store, Breebaart Design and the Seasons restaurant. For more information visit


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