Diving in Panama’s Las Perlas Islands

Una turista disfruta del snorkeling cerca de un arrecife de coral en Las Perlas.

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Diving in Panama’s Las Perlas Islands. Life under the sea has fascinated man from the beginning of time and exploring that submarine world is always a pleasure and a privilege. The Pearl Archipelago with its coral reefs, crystalline water and teeming marine life is the perfect playground for divers and snorkelers alike.

There are various scuba diving tours which will help you get in contact with the marine life around Las Perlas. The best spots to dive are near the Pacheca and Pachequilla Islands. Another great perk of this diving spot is that you can Drift Dive. The current is pretty strong in the Pacific Ocean and you can float along in a manner which feels like flying underwater. You will need to have special equipment such as buoys, ropes and reels.

Diving in Panama's Las Perlas Islands

Diving in Panama’s Las Perlas Islands: A visitor enjoys snorkeling near a coral reef.

Don’t like the idea of breathing through tanks underwater? Maybe a snorkeling tour will help you enjoy the abundant underwater life. You can book various snorkel tours from the island of Contadora. The best snorkeling tour is offered by “Coral Dreams”, which was established in Contadora 15 years ago.

They offer a three-hour snorkel trip that takes you around Contadora Island, along the Boyarena sandbank and to the reef near Chapera Island. You will see great schools of fish and other Pacific Ocean animals. After snorkeling near the reef the tour visits the Mogo-Mogo Island which became famous because of the CBS Survivor series whichwas filmed there. You can hang out there for a while and enjoy a natural pool in the middle of the jungle.

Coral Dreams proprietor, Guillermo Schuttke, is an experienced scuba diver with more than 30 year experience, who personally accompanies the group to make sure that everybody is safe and having a good time. The company also offers whale watching tours (between July and October), private charters, diving for beginners and people with certification and PADI.diving courses

Coral Dreams offers Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response and CPR, Rescue Diver and Drift Diving courses. The prices are below the average cost in the US.

For more information visit www.coral-dreams.com.


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