Fishing Las Perlas Islands Panama

Pesca deportiva cerca de isla Contadora.

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Fishing Las Perlas Islands Panama. There are many places in Panama to attract fishermen, but the Pearl Archipelago is especially attractive for those looking to hook big game fish such as the Mahi-Mahi and huge Tuna.

Fishing can be practiced in Panama all year round but during the summer (from December to May) when the surface water temperatures in the Gulf of Panama approach 69 degrees is the time when Red Snapper, Grouper, and Amberjack can be found in numbers around the furthest offshore islands and seamounts of the Perlas Islands which lie in the Gulf.

Fishing Las Perlas Islands Panama

Fishing Las Perlas Islands Panama: Deep sea fishing near Contadora island.

This is because when ocean temperature drops bottom dwelling fish move to the surface and hit the surface lures.

The peak of the Snapper season is February to March. They are often found swarming in huge schools while feeding behind Pacheca island. The sea quite literally looks orange from the fish in their feeding frenzy at the surface. There is also wonderful bottom fishing throughout the islands during the same period. The outer lying islands harbor large Jack, Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish.

Fly-fishing or plug casting poppers along the many white beach shorelines in Contadora and the nearby islets and rocky points, not only is very rewarding, but can catch 5 to 40 pound gamefish such as Amberjack, Roosterfish and several Snapper species.

There are several companies such as Coral Dreams ( and which offer fishing trips in the Las Perlas Archipelago from Contadora, Panama City and Saboga.


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