New Marden Paniza Recording

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New Marden Paniza Recording

New Marden Paniza Recording. This splendid new CD by celebrated maestro, Marden Paniza, is the latest addition to his internationally acclaimed BANNABA PROJECT. It comprises six of his especially composed orchestral and vocal compositions and one by Ricardo Vizuete.

Like its Bannaba predecessor, Uago finds inspiration in the deeply rooted ancestral Guna culture and character, in its mystical origins , and is expressed in an ethno-fusion (occidental and native) of universal rhythms including jazz, pop rock, reggae and regional aboriginal folk. The rich melodic diversity and varied thematic content of the pieces speak to us of sacred native values. The cover of this CD, features a painting by artist Kansuet. The recent performance at Teatro Gladys Vidal gave the appreciative audience an opportunity to meet the co-producers of UAGO, Marden Paniza and Ricard Vizuete, also the Guna musicians, vocalists and dancers. Orchestral musicians, numbering 14 in total, use western instruments plus the familiar indigenous flute. Overseas performances of the BANABBA PROJECT include those in USA, Canada and Brazil.

We can anticipate that this new CD will provide more openings for this distinguished group of Guna artistes to present their unique, impressively creative, work here in Panama and world- wide. Panama is indeed more than just a canal and BANNABA`s artistic successes are adding to other meritorious images for outsiders to consider.

The CD can be purchased, price$15.00, from Marden Paniza cel. 6876 5852.

By Howard Walker


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