New Panama Antique Map Book

Antes de la investigacion de Araúz, la cartografía panameña estaba muy poco estudiada.

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New Panama Antique Map Book. Recently the naturist guide and explorer, Hernan Arauz, presented his new book about old maps of the country called “Los mapas antiguos de Panama y Darien” (The Old Maps of Panama and Darien), which is a compilation of more than 275 maps with information previously unknown by historians.

Arauz’s book has been described as a true cartographic science jewel, very well documented, the product of an ample investigation and the definitive authority for Panamanian history.

New Panama Antique Map Book

New Panama Antique Map Book: cover of “Mapas Antiguos de Panamá y Darién”.

Coming from a family of renowned scientists and explorers, it was natural that Hernan Arauz´s, calling as a naturalist guide and Interpreter would emerge 20 years ago with the founding of Panama’s first ecotourism business. His mother, Reina Torres de Arauz, was one of the first Panamanian archeologists after whom Panama’s archeological museum was named.

His early expeditions into Panama´s fabled Darien Gap, pioneering routes from the Caribbean Sea to Pacific Ocean, marked him as an extraordinary and expert naturalist, qualities that thousands of visitors to Panama have since enjoyed in his company.

Talking about his book, Arauz said that the early maps of Panama were closely guarded secrets and sought after by Spanish Conquistadors and English buccaneers alike so that Panama’s cartographic history is rich and varied, yet largely unstudied.

Before Arauz’s research, Panamas cartography was largely unstudied.

Before Arauz’s research, Panamas cartography was largely unstudied.

The book is for sale at Canal Museum, Nikos Cafe administratives offices and Weil Art gallery in Calle 3era, San Felipe, Casco Antiguo.


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