New Panama City Urban Planning

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New Panama City Urban Planning

New Panama City Urban Planning. Panama City’s Mayor, José Isabel Blandón, has been busy implementing land-use plans for the Casco Antiguo and San Francisco neighborhoods. While Panama has zoning laws requiring property developers to adhere to size and usage restrictions in different parts of urban locations, no formal land-use laws exists in Panama City.

Earlier this year, the Municipal Council amended the regulations on sidewalks, parks, squares and public spaces in San Felipe and Casco Antiguo. Among the changes made was the elimination of men guiding cars to illegal parking spots. Recently discontinued also was the experimental car-free Sundays in Casco Antiguo, allowing exclusive pedestrian traffic.

Panama City Mayor’s Office then invited Casco Antiguo and San Felipe residents, including foreigners, to participate in five workshops over a period of six months to implement an urban mobility plan for the area. The plan aims to improve sidewalks, parking, and pedestrian access which have been problems for many years.

In August, Mayor Blandón ordered the development of a land-use plan for San Francisco. The city plans to “measure the capacity for development in the area to prevent the overburdening of public utilities.” The plan will cost $588,000 to examine roads, sanitation, electrical systems and storm water drainage in the area. Residents of the area are also calling for a moratorium on the issue of construction permits until the study is completed.

Future developers and investors in these areas should consult with a local real estate attorney to see what land-use plans will be implemented.

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