New Panama Folklore Tourist Project

Festival del Manito.

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New Panama Folklore Tourist Project

New Panama Folklore Tourist Project: the Festival del Manito event is an important part of this.

New Panama Folklore Tourist Project. In an effort to promote the Azuero peninsula as a tourist destination, the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), has come up with the idea of establishing a ‘folklore route’ in the area. As part of this project they will strengthen the “Festival del Manito” in Ocú, Herrera province and revive the old tradition of building houses with mud and straw which was common in the area in times gone by, where neighbors got together to construct each others homes.

Gustavo Him, the ATP administrator, promises to promote these projects through the ATP’s advertising agencies. He added that the main role of the ATP is to sell the country effectively abroad as a great vacation destination.

There are plans to create an area similar to the “Mi Pueblito” (a miniature country town located in Panama City) in Azuero where artisans from all the region can come and exhibit and sell their handicraft.

Laura Yuen de Arauz, president of the Tourism Chamber of Herrera said that the “Festival del Manito” is a unique celebration with many cultural characteristics. “We will keep strengthening and promoting this tradition, which is greatly admired by tourists and locals alike”, she said.


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