Panama’s beach play grounds

Playa Farallón.

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Beaches are playgrounds for Panamanians and now visitors are beginning to appreciate why every weekend and day-off, thousands of people abandon Panama City, lured by the enchantments of the seaside. There are many resorts less than 90 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

All-inclusive resorts such as Playa Blanca offer day-pass packages at great prices that will allow you to enjoy a day at the beach without having to think about finding a shady space, a swimming pool, food and drink, plus entertainment for everybody. You only need to bring your towel and suntan lotion.

Farallón beach.

Farallón beach.

There is also great shopping around the beach areas, with malls and shopping plazas sprouting all over the Panamerican highway. It is not necessary to go to Panama City to shop anymore. Private hospitals, schools and supermarkets can be found in Coronado and other resort towns such as Gorgona and Santa Clara.

The restaurant selection in the Pacific beaches areas is as varied as in town. There are Peruvian, Italian, Chinese and Irish restaurants – you name it you got it – especially in Coronado, San Carlos, Santa Clara and Farallon, which have big concentrations of eateries.

For adrenalin junkies there are a lot of places to go. Nitro City and Playa Blanca offer an array of extreme sports, from zooming at full speed on a buggy along a deserted beach to reaching for the sky on a flyboard. San Carlos and Gorgona are great for surfing.

This playgound is available for all to enjoy, so join the club and discover the attractions of Panama’s Pacific beaches for yourselves.


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