Panama’s Co-working Boom

Casco Station es uno de los muchos co-workings en Panamá.

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Panama’s Co-working Boom. Finding an office space is essential for any business. It can be an expensive enterprise which requires equipment, utilities, Internet access, phones and a receptionist. For many self-employed professionals, especially when they are just starting up, the cost can be prohibitive, but luckily for them, co-working companies are appearing all over Panama City.

These companies are offering everything businesses need: meeting rooms which include water, coffee and tea; messenger and reception services, a commercial address and even administrative assistance, so they do not have to hire anybody while their business takes off.

Panama's Co-working Boom

Panama’s Co-working Boom: Casco Station was the first one in the country.

Many see co-working as the way of the future and an easy way of having an office, without having to take care of the small details. These spaces can be rented for a day, a week or even longer, until permanent premises can be found.

They are ideal for the foreign and national professionals who need a place to work for a short time while in Panama City. It is also ideal for foreign companies who are setting up in Panama, but because they are in the early stages of moving, they are just looking at the rental market while at the same preparing themselves to bring their executive and other personnel from abroad.

Sometimes the self-employed professional just needs a space which has all the necessary equipment such as projectors and screens for a few hours to conduct a business meeting.

Co-working also gives businessmen the opportunity to meet other people who can help them move their enterprise forward, because they are in the same profession or looking for a partner. A lot of these facilities have cafeterias where it is possible to make this sort of connections. These rental offices offer value for money, for those who need a space only now and again.


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