Panama’s innovative furniture industry

Furniture made of Corotu wood.

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There are many shops and factories in Panama that sell and manufacture all kinds of furniture for your home and office. The array of products made of wood, metal, plastic and recyclable material is infinite, so it is very difficult to decide which one best fits your needs and taste.

It is possible to find furniture from faraway places such as India, Indonesia, Italy, France, Germany. Many new properties offer Italian finishes in kitchens and bathrooms.

Furniture made of Corotu wood.

Furniture made of Corotu wood.

Furniture shops have a great variety for all budgets and tastes and you do not have to come to Panama City to find them. Almost every small town has at least one furniture place where you can find whatever you are looking for.

High quality furniture is also being manufactured in the country, especially for patios. Entrepreneurial locals use the roots of enormous trees that have fallen during the frequent storms of the wet season to make bases for coffee and dining room tables. The tops are made of tree trunks cut transversally, showing the beauty of such hardwoods as the Corotu.

There are many factories that design and build furniture for offices, homes, kitchen and bathrooms using materials such as tires, plastic bottles, precious woods, marble and wrought iron. They will even make personalized, unique pieces.

Carpenters are readily available and small workshops can be found around the Seafood Market, near the Coastal Strip, as well as along the Panamerican highway, going towards Capira. These small places can build closets, kitchen cabinets and even living room suites using whatever wood you want.


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