Royal Decameron Panama Activities

Los nuevos toboganes.

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Royal Decameron Panama Activities

Royal Decameron Panama Activities: the new water slides are a must.

Royal Decameron Golf, Beach Resort & Villas Panamá has introduced new activities for guests to enjoy, starting February 1st.

Play paintball with your friends.

Play paintball with your friends.

At night, movie fans can enjoy the best Hollywood comedies, dramas or action movies in the new “Open-air cinema”.

For those looking for an extreme experience, Royal Decameron has opened its new multi-track waterslide, in which adults and children can rack up maximum speeds. This new attraction has three lanes, 70mts, 60mts and 13mts long, respectively, the perfect addition to the wide variety of water activities already in place to suit everyone’s tastes.

A new archery field has been installed and, with an additional charge, guests can have fun on the new paintball field, assembling teams, creating the best strategy and improving marksmanship.

There is nothing better than enjoying something sweet and refreshing on sunny days and there is nothing more Panamanian than the delicious snowcone known as ‘Raspao’. In their new snow cone carts located strategically around their premises, guests can taste the unique and exotic flavors specially prepared for them.

The a la carte restaurants offer a great deal of variety. Guests can delight their palates with the best enchiladas, tacos and burritos in the ‘Mero Mero’ Mexican-style resatuarant. Ceviches, causas, jaleas and so many other dishes from Peru add color and flavor to the dining experience.

The archery field.

The archery field.

The Resort is a pioneer and leader of the “All Inclusive” concept in Panama and it continues to introduce new attractions in order to please all its clients and ensure a unique and unforgettable experience.

The “All Inclusive” plan in the Royal Decameron Resort this Hotel is a unique, pleasant and unforgettable experience. Located 90 minutes from the City of Panama, it has over 2 km of beautiful white sandy beach and is surrounded by the lush gardens of exotic plants. With more than one thousand tropical style rooms, an 18-hole golf course, 10 swimming pools for all ages, 10 exquisite restaurants (8 a la carte and 2 buffets), 11 bars and 2 convention centers with a capacity for up to 1000 persons. The hotel is located in the Playa Blanca-Farallón area, a unique place for its singular weather since it offers more sunny days during the year than the rest of Panama. This fabulous beach resort offers the most complete hotel facilities and services in Panama, and it is one of the most visited tourist complexes of Central America.

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