Theatre Guild Improv8

El elenco de Improve8.

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Theatre Guild Improv8. From Thursday, September 1, the Theatre Guild of Ancon will again be improvising with the staging of the very popular “Improve8”. Performances will take place from Thursday, 1 to Saturday, 3; Thursday, 8 to Saturday, 10 and from Thursday, 15 to Saturday, September 17.

Theatre Guild Improv8

Theatre Guild Improv8 cast.

Members of the improvisation troop show quick-thinking skills, instant wit and spontaneous theatrical skill. The work is developed through skits and games led by two hosts, who are also part of the cast. They are the ones who assign the challenges, however the audience can be part of the play by interacting directly with suggestions other of tasks and games.

The show will be presented over nine nights, however, the cast plans to stage a collection of the best improvisation skits that they have previously used. Their creative genius ensures that the public can attend more than one function and find new surprises since no performance is identical.

The central subject of the play revolves around situations of comedy and laughter, tears and fear, dramas and romances, testing the skills of each actor in different scenarios and configurations.

This work is directed by Amit Nathani, the cast is formed by Andrea Marchosky, Lisa Palm, Hilary Hughes, Rita Banus, José Mezquita, Andrés Clemente, Juan de la Guardia and Yesui Aranda, alongside hosts Sandra Sosa and Michael Lindo.

Tickets cost $15 and are on sale online at or at the box office the day of the event.


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