Capitain Jack’s Portobelo Restaurant

Filete miñon con arroz.

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Capitain Jack’s Portobelo Restaurant. Portobelo, the historical town of Costa Arriba, Colón, with its ruins of Spanish forts and a heritage that covers over five hundred years is well worth a visit. You can almost imagine the sailing ships of years gone by anchored out in the bay and the Peruvian gold being counted out in the Counting House prior to being hauled across the isthmus on its way to Spain. No gold nowadays alas, but there is a culinary treasure waiting to be found in a great restaurant/bar called Captain Jack’s that offers burgers, Thai dishes, five different kinds of curry as well original creations which combine Latin with Caribbean flavors.

Capitain Jack's Portobelo Restaurant

Filet Mignon with rice at Capitain Jack’s Portobelo Restaurant.

The owner, Jack von Ohlen, who considers himself a pirate, has sailed all over the world and lived in Asia and Thailand for a long time, before settling down in Portobelo. He is also a partner in a local backpacker hostel, which is conveniently located for exploring the area and very close to Portobelo National Park.

From the restaurant’s terrace you can admire the Portobelo Bay, the town and the fort while enjoying the your meal. The decor is typical Caribbean with comfortable seats and great customer service.

The dishes on offer are innovative and fresh, and are totally different to the ones on offer in other establishments. The Calamari Thai Tacos served with a slightly spicy orange sesame seed salsa is an interesting combination which is unique and tasty at the same time. If you prefer something more traditional try the ½ pound burger, with the patty cooked to your taste and you can build it whichever way you want.

Captain Jack’s restaurant, Portobelo, PanamaTalking about his cooking style Captain Jack said: “If I’m a pirate, it’s because I’ve taken the flavors that I enjoyed the best from different parts of the world and brought them with me in an attempt to create something enjoyable and different in this part of the world.”

Captain Jack’s signature cocktail is the Portobelo Bay Daiquiri, a refreshing tipple where the lemon is substituted with passion fruit and mixed with rum and cherry. The result is a beverage that is not too sweet or too sour…. just right.

The restaurant is located on Calle Genoa, on the way to Portobelo National Park. It opens every day and is the only eatery in the area that accepts credit cards. For more information call +507 448 2009 +507 688 17340 or write to


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