Black Tea Project Eclectic Sounds

“Black Tea Project”, formado por Osvaldo Jorge y Graciela Núñez con Joel León.

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Eclectic Sounds with Black Tea Project

Black Tea Project Eclectic Sounds: formed by Osvaldo Jorge and Graciela Núñez with Joel León.

Black Tea Project Eclectic Sounds. On Wednesday, November 23, the music group “Black Tea Project” will perform at the special last concert of the 2016 concert season of World Music Panama at the Ateneo Theater in the City of Knowledge. The function will take place at 8 p.m.

The “Black Tea Project” is formed by Graciela “Chelín” Nunez on the violin, Osvaldo “Valo” Jorge on the drums multi-percussion and other multiple instruments and special guest Joel Leon on guitar.

The three musicians will take the audience on a three-hour show which will take them through the traditional music of India, Nepal, and Ireland, the Klezmer genre, as well as Panamanian folk music and original compositions.

The World Music Panama closes its concert season with this presentation, commemorating the month of Panama’s independence, with a Panamanian band which showcases world music.

For this last concert of the 2016 season admission to the event is free.


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