Panama Expat Useful Tips

Panama offers top of the line equipped hospitals

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Panama Expat Useful Tips. Ross Campbell, a Panama expat, offers useful tips for other potential expats to relocate here. Besides having “beautiful weather, beaches and people, there is a never-ending surplus of things to do whether you love the great outdoors and the great allure of the ocean, or you like staying in for quieter days or evenings with the family”.

Panama Expat Useful Tips

Panama Expat Useful Tips: Panama offers top of the line equipped hospitals.

While electricity may be a little higher here, the overall cost of living in Panama is lower than the U.S. while maintaining a high standard of living. This includes first class hospitals with lower cost medical and dental care even without medical insurance. “Expect to pay one quarter of what you’re currently used to.” Local health insurance is available “for a fraction of what you would pay in the U.S.”

The usual mild and warm weather allows expats to avoid the chilling winters and severe summers in many U.S. states. Violent crime rate is much less in Panama than in the U.S. While petty crimes like theft occur here; murders and other violent crimes “are few and far between”.

Panama City offers shopping at world class malls and fine dining cuisine at chic restaurants. Colorful homemade items by the indigenous craft people are plentiful all over the country. Outdoor markets offer fresh local produce at low prices.

General cost of living in Panama, is less expensive compared to the U.S.

General cost of living in Panama, is less expensive compared to the U.S.

Before committing to relocating, Ross Campbell recommends visiting Panama. He suggests coming here up to three times to decide the best location to settle into. Limit the stress of moving by reducing the amount of things to bring here. “Take what is necessary and sell, donate or give away the rest.” Hire a trustworthy shipping company to move everything. Fly to Panama with the small essentials while letting the shipper move the rest.

Finally, “Ensure that all your documents, identification and other paperwork are ready to go for your move and are following the regulations of Panama prior to moving there”. Consult with a Panama law firm to learn about all the documents for shipping household items and vehicles along with which immigration visa is a perfect match for the entire family.


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