Panama’s Thousand Pollera Parade

Four different types of the “pollera de lujo”.

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Panama’s Thousand Pollera Parade. Panama will start the the year in great style with the “Thousand Polleras Parade”, a magnificent show of artistic and folkloric creation, that pays homage to the Panamanian women’s national dress in the middle of carts, floats and representatives from different regions of the country.

On Saturday, January 14 this event that seeks to highlight the labor of the artisans, takes place in Las Tablas, Los Santos province. To make a pollera can take months, because it is handmade from the petticoats to the main dress.

More than 10,000 ladies and girls dressed in polleras will adorn the streets avenues of the City of Las Tablas as the notes of tamboritos (Panamanian music) and murgas (a group of trumpets and drums) fills the air with their contagious rhythms from 1:00 p.m.

Panama's Thousand Pollera Parade

Panama’s Thousand Pollera Parade: Four different types of the “pollera de lujo”.

Once the parade finishes there will be a fireworks display, followed by performances from musicians such as Osvaldo Ayala, Balbino Gómez and Lucho de Sedas.

There are several kinds of polleras: luxury or gala, montuna, and the pollera used to do daily chores. In addition, every region in the country has its own pollera

The province of Los Santos is famous for its traditions and customs. Located 300 kilometers from Panama City, it has beautiful beaches, rivers and national parks where you can observe whales to sea turtles.

Little girls learn to sew polleras from a very early age.

Little girls learn to sew polleras from a very early age.

The activity is organized by the Panama Tourism Authority in coordination with the mayor of the District of Las Tablas and security bodies. This year there will be stands and railings along the route of the parade so that the public will have better visibility of the parade as well as more hydration tents.

The parade will maintain its traditional route starting at Los Santos Governorship and from there will go to Paseo Carlos López, down Bolivar street and returning to 8 de noviembre street to end in the Jardín Royal Gin.

Last year more than 125,000 went to the parade that has become one the cultural activities most important events of the year, where thousands of ladies and girls take the opportunity to show off the national dress, “la pollera”.

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