Calle Abajo Las Tablas 2017 Carnival Songs

H.M. Ayira Guiselle Adames Solis Garcia.

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Calle Abajo Las Tablas 2017 Carnival Songs. The carnival festivities are around the corner and Calle Abajo Las Tablas is preparing for the celebrations with its queen H.M. Ayira Guiselle Adames Solis Garcia. You can join them on Saturday, February 18 at the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa room of Panama Hotel, where the new Carnival songs will be formally presented. The party starts at 5:00 p.m. and tickets cost $15 and can be bought at the entrance the day of the event.

These original songs are full of double meaning and refers to the queen of Calle Arriba, who is the rival of the sovereign of Calle Abajo. There are funny and sometimes naughty songs, picking of physical flaws of the beauty queen and even her relatives. Some of the songs have very original names such as the Red Dragons Rojos, mashed potatoes, pepper gas, crazy mad women, broken coconut , senile geniuses and the depressive gillette.

Las Tablas carnival is a very serious affair and during the year, both Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo organized all kind of events to collect the money necessary to pay for dresses, floats, musicians which cost thousands of dollars. It is considered a great honor to be a carnival queen.

For more information about the event call 6675-7630, 6688-4324, 6496-8182 and 6586-5476.


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