Learning About Snakes with Avifauna

Serpents are surrounded by myths.

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Learning About Snakes with Avifauna. This Saturday, February 11, the Eugene Eisenmann – Avifauna Foundation will hold a talk on the “Prevention and Myths of the Snakes”, during the ”Campfire tales” activity, which will discuss topics such as myths about snakes and how to treat bites.

Attendees will be able to camp inside the grounds of the park and during the evening gather around a campfire to listen to stories, enjoying a glass of wine, sharing with friends or family, in the middle of a jungle environment. It is important for each participant to bring their own tent or hammock.

Learning About Snakes with Avifauna

Learning About Snakes with Avifauna: Serpents are surrounded by myths.

The talk will be given by John Cleghorn, of “Panama Reptiles” who will instruct in dissertations to identify snakes and some first aid techniques in case of bites.

For the more adventurous, a “Wild Madrugada” will be held at 4 a.m. During the early hours. This is the best time to find snakes, frogs, bugs, owls and other species that go out to wander before dawn. Then, around 5:30 a.m. They will go up to the bird watching tower to wait for the sunrise.

The return to the camping area will be around 7 a.m. After breakfast and some activities will proceed to pick up the tents and clean the camping area.

This closes the activity, however, on every Sunday at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, from 12 noon, you can have fried fish prepared on site, “Darienita” style, accompanied by patacones and rice with coconut.

The event costs $20, which includes a night tour, talks and wine. If you want to buy the fish dish you must order it in advance at a cost of $12.

Reserve your space by contacting reservas@avifauna.org.pa or by calling 6450-6630 / 6676-0432


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