Athanasiou brings its flavor to Albrook

Georges Athanasiou y Dimitrius Vaganivides en la inauguración de la nueva sucursal.

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Athanasiou brings its flavor to Albrook. The successful gourmet restaurant chain “Athanasiou” recently opened a new branch in the Albrook area, specifically at the “Paseo Albrook” plaza located on Canfield Ave., across from Marcos Gelabert International Airport.

The chain Athanasiou, was born in Greece in the year 1938, and from the successful gastronomic offer positioned in many countries around the world between the United States and Panama. Its first store on the isthmus opened in 2013 in the San Francisco area, from the formidable growth of the restaurant to be positioned among one of the best gourmet alternatives in the city.

Athanasiou brings its flavor to Albrook

Athanasiou brings its flavor to Albrook: Georges Athanasiou and Dimitrius Vaganivides at the inauguration.

The restaurant offers a varied gastronomy ranging from artisan bakery, chocolates, Greek sweets, coffee, croissanterie and catering service. Its cuisine is renowned for innovation and the use of the highest quality raw material, thus highlighting the freshness of the products it uses. In addition, they offer an exceptional coffee, a menu composed of the most traditional coffees, to the most innovative chocolates.

One of the factors that differentiates Athanasiou from other similar establishments, is that each product of the brand can become the most appreciated gift for any occasion, even customized to the taste of the customer.

The new branch of Athanasiou comes by the request of several residents of the surrounding areas; Since the atmosphere it offers is like the one you feel at home, that invites the diners to stay to enjoy a sandwich and a good talk.

This branch on the Paseo Albrook has a showroom where it exhibits chocolates, gift boxes and even floral arrangements.

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