Coco-Mat Mattresses Now in Panama

Los colchones Coco-Mat lo acercarán a la naturaleza.

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Coco-Mat Mattresses Now in Panama. A comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep and it is even better if the materials used to create it are natural. Coco-Mat is a Greek brand that utilizes cedar wood chippings, silk, cotton, seaweed, coconut fiber and natural rubber among others to offer you a custom-made mattress just like the one you always dream about.

Coco-Mat Mattresses Now in Panama

Coco-Mat Mattresses Now in Panama: great quality and eco friendly.

Recently, Coco-Mat opened its first Latin American shop in Panama City in Local 5, Centromall, Obarrio, one block from Via Brazil. The two story establishment has a great selection of mattresses, beds, bedding and anything you might need to have a proper rest. Specially-trained personnel will help you select the materials for your personalized mattress.

The process is simple, you visit the shop, select the size of the mattress, fillings (seaweed, cotton, silk, cedar, horsehair), the outer material, degree of firmness and where you want it to be delivered. The outer layers are washable and can be unzipped without removing the filler. The same can be done with pillows and other accessories.

One of the main differences between Coco-Mat and other mattresses is that they are free of chemicals or metals, making them ideal for people with allergies, asthma, eczema and other skin problems which can be aggravated by dust mites.

Unlike other traditional beds, Coco-Mat bases/mattresses are equipped with a system that combines wood slats with four rolls of natural rubber to absorb the weight of the body, which is distributed on each of the support points, giving you a restful sleep.

Mike Sedgwick, a consultant at Banyan Leaf S.A., explained that Coco-Mat offers an alternative to normal beds and his company is very proud to be in partnership with them because it is an enterprise that respects the environment.

For more information visit, write to or call 387-5555.


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