New Buses for Metrobus

Mi Bus comprará 273 buses nuevos.

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New Buses for Metrobus. The new 273 buses, that will be bought by the company Mi Bus will become part of a special route to transport people from the 24 de Diciembre to the center of Panama City and vice versa.

New Buses for Metrobus

New Buses for Metrobus: Mi Bus will buy 273 new buses.

Mi Bus manager, Carlos Sanchez, said that the company has detected that more than 120,000 people travel during the peak hours. Also because it is the area where traffic is most affected due to the Line 2 of the Metro construction, which has created chaos. The idea of using the new buses on this route will bring forward some of the benefits of the transport system.

Sánchez explained that they will utilize spaces hardly used during peak hours in the North and South corridors.

The corridors will have six lanes, three going each way and two times a day the lanes will be one way to the city center in the morning and then in the afternoon the reverse will apply from the outskirts. This measure will only be for buses from 5:30 to 7:30 a.m. and from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. and will be implemented from August.

The manager added that there is going to be an adjustment in the fare for the corridors, so people who have problems with the secondary routes of the Avenida Domingo Díaz, use the more efficient corridor route.

The new buses will cost $46 million and they will start arriving from June, after the payment systems has been installed, they immediately will begin to circulate. The complete fleet will be in Panama by November.


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