Special Tourism Taxis for Colón Port

Colón 2000 tendrá una piquera de taxis.

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Special Tourism Taxis for Colón Port. To habilitate a taxi rank with flat rates within Colón 2000 Port, was one of the agreements made between the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), the Land Transport Authority (ATTT), the Tourism Police and the taxi drivers who provide this service. The Special Tourism Service (SET), will be available to tourists before they leave the cruise ships’ anchorage area.

The ATP administrator, Gustavo Him, said that only those taxi drivers identified with a sticker given to them last year by this authority can be part of this taxi rank.

Special Tourism Taxis for Colón Port

Special Tourism Taxis for Colón Port: Colón 2000 will have a taxi rate.

The idea of SET is to regulate the selective transport in the port to give better service to tourists. Around 132 drivers are participating in the program.

The taxi driver associations will have until Saturday, March 18 to submit names of the candidates who will operate a taxi rank within an area of Colón 2000, which will have a sign with the logo of the taxi associations together with tariffs to different destinations.

ATP wants the selected dispatchers to be bilingual, use a uniform, have customer service experience and attend a customer contact workshop arranged by the tourism authority.

The dispatchers will have the responsibility of choosing the taxi from one of the three associations using a system that will allow all of them to pick up passengers. They will be supervised by the ATP who will make sure that everybody is respecting the agreement.

With regards to the fares, they will be revised by the ATTT and the taxi drivers to unify them and avoid speculation with the prices. The fares for the different routes will be shown in different parts of the ports in different languages, as well as details about the tours available from the port and their costs.

SET currently has tours to Agua Clara, 4 Altos Mall and the Free Zone, as well as other areas such as: Portobelo, San Lorenzo, La Angosta Beach, Panama City, Albrook and the locks of Gatún y Miraflores.


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