How DIY Can Save you Money

¿Cómo ahorrar dinero al hacerlo usted mismo?

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How DIY Can Save you Money. Learning how to do-it-yourself with simple repairs around the house can help you save a lot of money, especially when professionals can charge you $40 or more for the privilege of having them come to your home and change a washer whose total cost is less than 25 cents. If you had the knowledge you could have done yourself and impressed your family.

There is nothing you cannot find on Internet, sites like and that will give you detailed instructions about how to lay tiles, repair a faulty toilet, or create storage in your kitchen.

Some of these sites are so complete that they even give you a list of the materials and tools you are going to need. If you are a more visual kind of person, search on youtube where an expert will explain in a coherent manner what to do in ten or less steps.

How DIY Can Save you Money

How DIY Can Save you Money: these tips can get you started.

If you prefer a course to sharpen your do-it-yourself skills, the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC), during its real estate fair Expovivienda, offers free workshop for members of the public or if you prefer something more intense the INADEH centers sometimes have short term courses at low prices.

When it comes to acquiring materials you will not have any problems, because Panama has plenty of hardware shops where you can buy whatever item you need to complete the job. However, if you go to a store like Do It Center the shop assistant will be happy to help you when selecting a particular tool or material, explaining their characteristics and making sure that they are suitable for the purpose.

So it is never too late to try your hand at DIY, and think about all the money you will save in the long run. Just remember to finish one job before you tackle the next.


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