New STRI Tropical Fish App

Robertson publicó la primera guía de campo interactiva en disco compacto en el 2002 y en Internet en el 2008,

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New STRI Tropical Fish App. It does not matter if you are planning a trip to the Seafood Market or a marine research expedition, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) has very useful free bilingual application that allows you to identify fish of the Caribbean and the West Tropical Pacific. The app can be downloaded on iPhone, Android phones, tablets, or Kindle Fire.

“Now you can carry in your pocket what you need to identify more than 3,000 species of fish,” said D. Ross Robertson, marine biologist of the Smithsonian. The application for the Caribbean offers information about 1,693 species and more than 8,200 photographs and images. The West Pacific version has 1,358 species and 5,000 images.

New STRI Tropical Fish App

New STRI Tropical Fish App: Robertson published the first interactive field guide on a compact disc in 2002 and on the Internet in 2008.

The application is a powerful tool for students, scientists, tourist guides and scuba divers with unique features to search for fish, lists and range maps. Simply search for a fish based on its color, pattern, shape or name of the species. A glossary of scientific terms makes the guide accessible to everyone. A notebook function stores the information about the species of fish you have seen and organizes sightings in folders. You can even export the list by email, if you want to share your discoveries with friends or other scientists.

All the information necessary to use the application can be downloaded into your phone, so you can utilize it even when you do not have an Internet connection.

The set of Android applications is the latest of a series of field guides developed by Robertson. The first in the series was a written field guide, “Fishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific”, with Gerald R. Allen as co-author, and was published in 1994. Robertson published the first interactive field guide on a compact disc in 2002 and on the Internet in 2008. The first application of the STRI for mobile phones was “The Smithsonian Guide for Shore Fishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific” that came out on iTunes in 2012.

The Android mobile phone applications coding was done by Jorge Yau of Panama’s IT firm, Yunke, Inc., headed by Harold Maduro, a former webmaster in STRI.

To download Android free applications visit one of following web pages:

– Main page:

– Android

– Kindle Fire


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