A change of image for Calle Uruguay

Hay muchos restaurantes exóticos en Calle Uruguay.

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For the last 20 years Calle Uruguay, located in the neighborhood of Bella Vista, has been the epicenter of nightlife in Panama City, due to the bars, restaurants and discotheques that are concentrated in a couple of streets. This place is a magnet for tourists, but it now looks a little run down and in need of renovation. The Municipality of Panama recently announced that it is investing $29.6 million to improve the area.

The Calle Uruguay project will be the responsibility of the construction company, Meco S.A, which will renovate the infrastructure, electric and telecommunication system, aqueduct and sewer system, landscaping, new lamp posts, WiFi, and widening of the sidewalks among other improvements.

There are many exotic restaurants in Calle Uruguay.

There are many exotic restaurants in Calle Uruguay.

Calle Uruguay infrastructure will be significantly updated, especially the rainwater disposal system which will have a cement pipe dedicated for this purpose, which at the moment is shared with one that also takes care of the sewer water, provoking bad smells and floods. Once the works are finished they will be completely separated and the rainwater water network system will release the water into the sea.

The cement pipe diameter will be approximately 1.80 meters. The sewer water network will connect with the sanitation of the bay network. This will be a better drainage system and the restaurants will have to install oil traps in their kitchens.

Currently the electric and telecommunication systems are aerial and cause visual pollution. The project proposes that all the electric and telecommunication systems will be underground, as well as the electric transformers and lines that provide electricity to different businesses and residences.

The lighting for the road and pedestrian areas will be adequate, with landscaping and modern benches. Energy efficient light bulbs will be installed as well as a video surveillance system, power outlets and a public Wi-Fi network.

Around 120 car park spaces with parking meters will be installed on the road. Additionally, it will also include 22 areas for taxis, commercial premises and garbage collection trucks. Right now there 4,067 parking spaces that are free at night and weekends.

The Panama Municipality plans to have wider sidewalks with better use of public spaces. The new sidewalks will measure 4.40 meters in Calle 47 Este and in Calle 49 Este. Currently the sidewalks width is of 1.20 meters. Those in Calle 48 Este will measure 3.20 meters and include a lane for a future bicycle path.

The sidewalks in Calle Uruguay also measure 1.20 meters, but the new design proposes that one side of the street will measure 8.30 meters and the opposite side 3.20 meters, making a total of 11.5 meters of sidewalk for people to walk on. It will be a tactile pavement to help people with visual impairments and it will have a ramp for people with disabilities as recommended by the Secretaria Nacional de Discapacitados (Senadis), the institution that protects the rights of handicapped people.

The project has a well-defined plan for trees and 300 will be planted as well as 15,000 ornamental plants with grass areas measuring approximately 1,400 sqm. Around 60 benches will be installed and two pergolas. Garbage bins will be available every 40 meters and there will be multiple recycle areas.

It is expected that these improvement will attract more tourists and residents to this part of the Bella Vista neighborhood.


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