Fruit oasis on the Amador Causeway

La “Piña Tropical” de Nicole’s Fruitis.

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The recent reopening of the renewed Amador Causeway, has made access easier for the public to enjoy such establishments as Nicole’s Frutis, a tropical oasis on Isla Perico, with a wide variety of drinks, ice creams and fruit cocktails for all tastes.

“Piña Tropical” by Nicole’s Fruitis.

“Piña Tropical” by Nicole’s Fruitis.

Shirley Madriz, the owner of Nicole’s Frutis, presides over the premises which specializes in the sale of different desserts and soft drinks based on fresh fruits and ice cream. Its products use fruit combinations of all kinds, highlighting flavors of Colombia, Venezuela and Central America with a touch of tropical Panama too.

Among the delights on offer to customers are such favorites as “Banana Splits”, “Frozen Margaritas”, “Granizados” and ice cream cones with fruits toppings, nuts, condensed milk or even low salt cheese which combines perfectly with the sweet taste of fruits

SalpicónOne of the most recommended products is the “Piña Tropical” (Tropical Pineapple), which consists of two balls of ice cream accompanied by delicious fresh fruits, served inside the same pineapple. However undoubtedly the dish most requested by the public is the “Salpicón”, also known in other countries of the region as “Fruit Punch”, “Fruit Salad Juice” or “Come y Bebe” (Eat and Drink). This consists of a drink based on all the fruits on the menu, which is served with pieces of fresh fruit inside.

Nicole’s Frutis recently added a new element to its menu – water-based ice cream, 100% handmade and manufactured by themselves.

The place has a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the bay, ideal for enjoying a dessert with the family, so if you are on the new Causeway of Amador, do not hesitate to stop by. It is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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