Taxis vs Uber controversy remains unsolved

Uber en Panamá

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The on-going war between Panama’s yellow cabs and the Uber company culminated this week in a protest by the taxi drivers on Avenida Balboa on Monday followed by a meeting with representatives of the ATTT in the Presidency which was less than satisfactory for the “taxistas” who were informed that no immediate action could be taken until administrative processes had been gone through. Julio Palacios, General Director of the ATTT promised an answer by the end of the month.

According to some sources the situation with Uber is complicated because it does not work under a concession from the Sate but with a contractual agreement with its users who have the right to use the transport of their choice.

Uber has been operating in Panama for the past three years and at the present time has eight thousand registered partners and 200 thousand users, people who like a method of transport they can depend on, many citing the fact that often a yellow cab will refuse to pick up a customer which is actually against the law.

Efforts by the “taxistas” to ban Uber from operating at Tocumen Airport, hotels and other tourist attractions were also banned until a decision is taken on Uber’s standing in the country.


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