Finding the right present for Dad

Encontrando el regalo perfecto para Papá

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Father’s Day is a special date in many households and it is customary to get dad a present, to show appreciation for all the things he has done for the family during the year. However, it is always difficult to select the right gift. Everything depends on budget, age and taste of the recipient.

A good cologne like ‘Gio’ by Giorgio Armani is a classic perfume, perfect for the office or a special occasion. It has wood, herb and fruit notes, ideal for the modern man. Christian Dior’s ‘Eau Sauvage’ is fresh and traditional at the same time, great for men of any age. One of the newest fragrances in the market is Valentino´s ‘Uomo’, which is destined to become a classic. It has a very masculine smell with notes of bergamot, myrtle liquor, leather and cedar. You can find all of these at department stores or perfumeries.

If your father is a handyman, why not buy him that tool kit, nail gun or drill he has been coveting for a long time. Places like Do it Center, Novey or Cochez have a good selection and staff is always at hand to answer your questions. For dads with green fingers, plants at great prices can be found at Riba Smith, especially orchids.

Provided that you know your father’s favorite authors, Gran Morrison has a great selection of books in English and Spanish, as well as accessories such as ties, belts and other novelty items. Clothes are not a bad bet, shirts, pants and even shoes can be found at Saks at very good prices.

Remember, gifts are great, but the best present you can give him is your love.


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