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El elenco de Las Damas Negras Cast

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From Monday, 17 to Sunday, July 23 will be staged the new theatrical production “Las Damas Negras” at the facilities of the Omar Torrijos Herrera Foundation in Ancón.

Experimental play set in ancient Greece, entitled “Las Damas Negras”“Las Damas Negras” is an experimental play set in ancient Greece, which shows the daily life of that era, while at the same time making a reminder of original human sin or as they commonly call it today “Sexual debauchery” Inside or outside of marriage.

This work highlights the difficult tests of love found on common today marriages, touching the story of a couple formed by a Satanist boy and a girl of sensitive feelings who suffers with anguish and traumas the wishes of his “master.” In this work, the spectators will find subjects of mischief as “Bondage” and in addition adapted Greek mythology.

El elenco de Las Damas Negras Cast.

El elenco de Las Damas Negras Cast.

The work is directed by the Director Leyden Nieto, Actress in training graduated from the Theater Aba, who has worked with Bruno Paredes in several plays both children and experimental. Previously Nieto participated as an extra in the short film “Huaquero”, by the director Adrián Mora, and in the short film “Cores” as the protagonist “Alexia”. She will also play “Marihan” in the work Las Damas Negras.

The cast of Las Damas Negras is made up of Panamanian actors Rochia, Caridad Alveo, Hebert Felipe Ponce, Marlon Valdes, Francisco Selles, Diana Hernandez, Meyer Malca, Duke Astaroth. The props are in charge of César del Vasto and the lighting and music by Bruno Paredes.

Tickets cost $10 in pre-sale, $15 at the box office on the day of the event and $7 for retirees and students. For more information call 6560-7811.


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