“La Fogonera”, a Panamanian Cinderella

Bernardina quiere ir al baile.

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Cinderella is a well-loved fairy tale that has inspired little girls for generations to dream, regardless of their circumstances. Now this well-known story has been given a Panamanian treatment to become a folkloric musical entitled: “La Fogonera, una Cenicienta Panameña” (“The Wood Stoker, a Panamanian Cinderella”). This musical will be performed on Saturday, August 26, at the Athenaeum of the City of Knowledge. The show will start at 3:00 p.m. Tickets cost $20 plus taxes for sale at Panatickets.

Bernardina wants to go to the ball.

Bernardina wants to go to the ball.

Bernardina, a beautiful young girl from the Azuero region and daughter of a rich farmer, is at the mercy of her stepmother and stepsisters after her father dies suddenly. The cruel women mistreat her and call her“Fogonera”, because she spends most of her time in the kitchen.

One day the Governor of Los Santos organizes a dance to celebrate the first five years of the Panamanian Independence and he invites everybody, but the evil stepmother does not allow Fogonera to go to the ball. While she is crying with only the mice from Ocú and the lizards of Guarare for company, the Congo Queen appears and tells Bernardina that she is her Fairy Godmother. Music plays and she is dressed in a “pollera” and a watermelon is transformed into a carriage.

Bernardina arrives at the ball with everyone marveling at her beauty. The two sons of the governor fight for her love, challenging each other in a complicated dance called “La Espina”. However, she has to get back before midnight before her “pollera” turns into rags.

This musical was written and directed by Agustin Clement with original music by Cholo Bernal and Alfonso Lewis. The dancers, Ana Alejandra Carrizo, Lissette Condassin, José Carranza, Marisín Luzcando, José Miguel Castro, Nilena Zisópulos and Cuky Gray bring the story to life.

Do not miss this original musical which gives a refreshing twist to a traditional story.


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