Mixing business and pleasure with the British Chamber

El golf es ideal para negocios.

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On Friday, August 11, from 7:30 a.m. the British Chamber of Commerce in Panama, will hold its first golf tournament at the Club de Golf de Panama.

The tournament will take place under the “Two Man Best Ball” format, consisting of a game in which one player plays against the best ball or better score of two other players. The event will have categories A, B and C with combinations of AB, AC, BC, and CC. The handicap will be 0-9 / 10-17 / 18-24. The historic Panama Golf Club, official venue of the event, has an 18-hole golf course, designed by Jay Riviere and Carlos Schaeffer in 1977.

Golf is ideal for business.

Golf is ideal for business.

This event aims to create interaction among British Chamber members and business people and entrepreneurs of the community in general, while providing an opportunity to create business in a fun and relaxed environment, since golf is seen as an ideal sport for business people.

The tournament will award the first four places in each category with trophies based on “gross score” for the first and second places and “net score” for the third and fourth places. Registration for interested players is open at a cost of $150 per player including lunch, green-use fee, shared golf cart, practice and officials balls, participation in raffles and gifts for all participants. Registration can be made at the facilities of the Panama Golf Club, the offices of the British Chamber of Commerce or by contacting Admin@BritCham.com.pa

For more information visit BritCham.com.pa


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