A range of properties in Chiriqui

Hay muchas casas hermosas en Boca Chica.

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By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

Chiriqui province, close to the border with Costa Rica, attracts nationals and foreigners alike, who see this region as the ideal place to start a business, have a second home or retire. Its main advantage is the variety of properties that can be found, from hideaways in the mountain, to beach front properties to a house in the middle of the progressive City of David, the provincial capital.

Before you decide to buy in Chiriqui, the first thing you need to decide is the area you want to live in. It is advisable to visit your selected location a few times to make sure it meets your expectations and lifestyle. Certain areas of the province are isolated and access without a vehicle can be difficult. Another factor to take into account is the closeness of amenities such as supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, hospitals etc.

There are many beautiful houses in Boca Chica.

There are many beautiful houses in Boca Chica.

David City is a progressive town with many amenities such as cinemas, shopping malls, casinos, hotels, modern hospitals, schools and much more; but at the same time it maintains a rural flavor. You only need to drive a few minutes out of town to find yourself in the countryside. However, this town is one of the hottest places in the country, but cool breezes are not far away

Property portfolios include single homes, duplexes, apartments in gated communities or popular neighborhoods and small farms just outside David. Prices depend on what you are looking for, but you can find a three bedroom home with two bathrooms and a 600 sqm lot for around $90,000 in a good area.

Another popular region among foreigners is the Highlands formed by Boquete, Cerro Punta and Volcan. The climate here is cool and is ideal for those who suffer in hot weather. These three places have many different offers.

Boquete is a sleepy town in the mountains located 38 minutes from David. This town has a village atmosphere with small shops, restaurants, supermarkets, a library, banks and even a theater. It is famous for its flower and coffee fair and its trails.

You can buy a country house at a good price in Volcan.

You can buy a country house at a good price in Volcan.

Properties are expensive in Boquete and surrounding areas, but you can buy a 3,000 sqm lot for $47,000. There are apartments, townhouses, houses and villas on offer. The majority of the developments are in gated communities. Coffee plantations are around the town and there is plenty to do there from nature walks to yoga and river rafting.

Volcan and Cerro Punta are more rural. There are few restaurants; the hotels in the area are luxurious and well-appointed. The properties are cheaper with a selection of bungalows, lots and farms. They have a few amenities and if you are looking for hectic social life this is not the place to be. If you are a keen walker, gardener and nature lover you will feel in paradise.

Beach properties are another option for those looking for a house in the sun. Chiriqui has vast coasts and many places to choose from. There are some very nice developments in La Barqueta near David, Las Lajas, Horconcitos and Boca Chica. You can even buy yourself an island if you have enough money.

In La Barqueta you can find a beach front lot for $75,000 where you can build your dream home; while those in Boca Chica could cost $85,000. A small house in Horconcitos can cost you around $125,000.

Chiriqui has something for everybody, so grab your map and decide which part of the province you would like to live and then visit Expo Chiriqui to find the property you are looking for.


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