Rueda de Negocios, for business opportunities in Chiriqui

Empresarios y oficiales gubernamentales en la Rueda de Negocios del año pasado.

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The Chiriqui’s “Rueda de Negocios” (Business Conference), one of the most important commercial events of that province, will take place from Wednesday 23 to Friday, August 25, in the city of David, the provincial capital. It is expected that 500 national and foreign executives from Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica will attend.

This event is the main commercial platform of the country’s interior, bringing together national and international purchasers and sellers, who will have the chance to increase their contacts and have access to new business opportunities in the short, medium and long term. It also facilitates the entrance of their products and services into the local and regional market, helping new companies to create and strengthen their brands not only in Chiriqui, but in the rest of the country and the region.

Last year’s inauguration of the Rueda de Negocios.

Last year’s inauguration of the Rueda de Negocios.

The “Rueda de Negocios” (RDN 2017) is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chiriqui (CAMCHI). Danelo Araúz, Business Commission Director of this organization, said that, “Import and export companies have the potential to make international business with produce such as fruits, vegetables, drinks, processed food, tourism, services and many other segments by participating in this international event.”

Last year more than $15 million in transactions took place, with 5,800 appointments that generated commercial trade with around 15 countries.

Entrepreneurs and government officials at last year’s Rueda de Negocios.

Entrepreneurs and government officials at last year’s Rueda de Negocios.

The RDN 2017 has the support of the National Government through organizations such as the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority (AMPYME), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) and other national and international companies to mention a few.

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