Super heroes at the City of Knowledge

Usted puede disfrazarse de héroe o villano.

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Superheroes are charismatic, powerful and defenders of justice. At one time or another we all wanted to be one or at least wanted to believe that they exist in real life. Superheroes give us hope and inspiration and all aficionados will want to be at the Convention Center of the City of Knowledge on Saturday 19 and Sunday, August 20, at the Hero Fest. Doors open at 1:00 p.m.

You can dress up as hero or a villain.

You can dress up as hero or a villain.

This is a family event that brings together comics, graphic novels, anime, videogame characters and justice defenders associated to television series with fanatics and followers.

This year, in its fourth version, the festival has more surprises and innovations such as a cosplays contest for children and adults, sale of action figures and t-shirts with pictures of your favorite characters. There will be lectures, role-playing games and special presentations.

If you really like the dark side of the force, do not miss the Dark Zone, which this year returns bigger than ever and renewed, where you can rub shoulders with those misunderstood beings of the comics, the villains.

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