Travel is easy with the new Copa apps

La aplicación le permite al viajero frecuente verificar sus millas.

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Copa Airlines announced the upgrading of its mobile application with five new options such as the digital boarding pass to facilitate the trips of passengers who depart from airports in the United States, as well as the purchase of tickets and the receipt of notifications. Previously the app could only register the arrival the day of departure and issue a boarding pass.

The “Digital Signature” service, that includes upgrading, offers a boarding pass that automatically registers the client’s details and facilitates passes at U.S. terminals. This method was approved by the Transport Security Administration (TSA.

The application allows the frequent flyers to check its miles.

The application allows the frequent flyers to check its miles.

You can select your seat using your phone.

You can select your seat using your phone.

Other functions that have been added to the application are: visualization of travel details and administration of frequent travelers’ “ConnectMiles” accounts, an interactive diagram where passengers can choose their seats.

Copa representatives pointed out that the technological advances of their products aim at giving travelers a more efficient digital experience and a reservation system link to the web, so users can handle the availability of their flights in real time.

Copa Airlines marketing manager, Marco Ocando, said that this app will aid travel because clients will be able to buy, plan, review and check if there are any changes in their flights.

Copa E-Commerce director, Ricardo Sotelo, explained that the app has high levels of protection and so far clients have not reported any weaknesses in the system.

Copa invested more than one million dollars upgrading the application, which was implemented in June, however other optimizations will be added in August and at the end of 2017.

The application was designed in Spanish, English and Portuguese and is available for downloading at PlayStore and Apple Store.

With the upgrading of its platform, Copa Airlines will allows its customers to program their trips within a net of routes to 70 cities in 31 countries in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.


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