Letter to the Editor September 17

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We have lived in Potrerillos and Boquete for 9 years. We do much of the shopping for our home and finca, in David, where the downtown merchants are driving their customers away. It is the same in Boquete.

By 8:00 a.m. it is impossible to find parking because all the spaces are used by store owners, employees, and street vendors. I recently purchased a counter top stove and had to carry it 4 blocks to the nearest parking space, while the manager of the store had a space saved for him, just outside the front door. It should be the opposite!!!

Letter to the EditorPeople who work in the stores are not there to carry goods out of them. Their cars occupy a space all day while serving no purpose other than to boost someone’s ego. They need to park in places outside the shopping area and walk to their place of employment once each day. That would make the space in front of the store available for 20-30 shoppers to make purchases, conveniently load them in their cars, and turn the space over to someone else.

Those currently employed to give parking tickets, need to use the methods already devised to restrict cars to one hour parking in some areas, 2 hour parking in others, but those who sit in a prime space all day – contributing nothing to sales and inconveniencing the rest of us, should be ticketed.

Kind regards,
Jane Moodie


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