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La silla es una obra de arte.

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In a world with so many connections never seen before, Casa Suarez has some beautiful pieces from far away countries or difficult to visit, so you can look at them and have them in your home. This shop has unique pieces shabby and bohemian style with a modern touch in their elements.

The chair is piece of art.

The chair is piece of art.

Each piece is designed and made by local artisans integrating the exotic with the national. Then these designs are transformed into furniture using quality wood that is different, original, classic and modern at the same time.

Casa Suárez offers furniture in several types of wood: like acacia, mango, rosewood and teak. The difference between colors, weights, measurements and type of woods, allows the artist to choose and use his creativity to make up new collections. The handmade pieces from Indonesia and India have guarantees.

What differentiates this brand from other furniture makers is the guarantee and quality, the designs and durability that allow these pieces to pass from generation to generation. The idea of Casa Suarez is to make clients aware so they can buy furniture which is different and of high quality, reducing the purchase of bad quality products.

The chair is piece of art.

The chair is piece of art.

They are a brand that celebrates the beauty of the natural wood, taking into account that the trees come from their own ecological managed forest and for that reason their furniture has Forest Stewardship Council certificates.

A comfortable and original bed.

A comfortable and original bed.

Casa Suarez is part of the company Corporate Stays, founded by Vladimir D´Suarez, who after years of furnishing Corporate Stays luxurious apartments came to the conclusion that they should be decorated with good quality and stylish furniture. Corporate Stays supplies its own furniture and they have the best price on the market, because they are also the wholesaler

Casa Suarez opened its sales online in 2016 and its first shop was inaugurated in Panama City in October of 2016, in less than a year and due to its success another store was opened in Montreal, Canada in July this year.

Casa Suarez shop is located in Calle 72 San Francisco. For more information visit www.casa-suarez.com.


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