“Panamá: The Musical”, a love story

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“Panamá: The Musical”, is a love story between a Zonian singer and a Panamanian musician, which takes place in the Canal Zone and Casco Viejo in 1927. The play written by Rob Brown and Yolanda Van Der Kolk, is set to become a cultural event, showcasing local talent. The musical is mainly in English, but 25% of the words and phrases are in Spanish.

The official premier of “Panama: The Musical” will be on Thursday, February 1, 2018, at the City of Knowledge Athenaeum. The production team includes the playwright, Robert McQueen, who was associated director of the musical “Mamma Mia” on Broadway, Dino Nugent as the musical director and it will be directed by Aaron Zebede. The cast is formed by Panamanian artistes and musicians who will blend their performances with Latin dances as well as the Charleston and Foxtrot.

Rob Brown, writer and co-producer of “Panama: The Musical” explained that this musical has been developed for the English speaking market and to show the world what Panama has to offer.

The co-writer of the play, Yolanda Van Der Kolk-Brown, said that this a powerful story and many people will find themselves identifying with the main characters and the premise that true love is unconditional and people need to define their ambitions, before others make their decisions for them.

“Panama: The Musical” will also be performed in Canada and England after its premiere in Panama.


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