Afrodisiaco launches its first Album

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Afrodisiaco, Panamanian traditional drums are the key element of Afrodisiaco’s first album, “Viene de Panamá”. This group came to light in the Viña del Mar Festival 2016 celebrated in Chile, when they won the “Folkloric Competitition” and brought home the coveted “Silver Seagull” trophy. The record will be launched on Thursday, October 26 at the Anita Villalaz Theater at 7:00 p.m. Tickets from $10 for sale at

Miroslava Herrera and Tatiana Ríos

The album tells the story of Panama that brings us all together. The songs have “Congo” rhythms and the rebelliousness of people in search of freedom.

The group is formed by Tatiana Ríos, Miroslava Herrera, Eduardo Charry, Gustavo Salamín, Arnulfo Reyes, Herbert Ureña, Hever Montero and Luis Mitil who have written ten songs for the album. The band was formed as a way to rescue the Panamanian cultural roots through music.

The group “Afrodisiaco” with the “Silver Seagull” trophy.

The band is call “afrodisiaco” because it is a name that evokes the desire of freedom of the black slaves in the Americas and especially in Panama. The Isthmus had the first free slave colony in the Americas.

The powerful voices of Tatiana Ríos and Miroslava Herrera, accompanied by drums, violin and accordion together with the amazing lyrics, creates songs that are meaningful, sad and joyous at the same time, with a contagious rhythm that makes you want to dance.

Do not miss this great concert of Afrodisiaco, the last sensation that came out of Panama.


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